Volkswagen will pay € 160 million to the plaintiffs ‘ attorneys by the scandal

Volkswagen TDISince the onset of the case Volkswagen, also known as dieselgate, and confirmed the alterations that were carried out in the management of some of the versions mechanical TDI to emit less pollutant gases during the test of approval, we knew that “the trap” not you would come out cheaper the German giant.

To the millions of euros and dollars that the manufacturer Volkswagen will have to pay as a sanction, most repairs convenient in the affected models, along with the compensation that they will receive the u.s. customers, adds another invoice as we had not taken into account until now: the fees of the plaintiffs ‘ attorneys.

Pieza solución motor 1.6 TDI EA189 Volkswagenthrough the middle Automotive News, we have been able to know that the fees of the plaintiffs ‘ attorneys in the united States that represent clients harmed by the dieselgate will have a total cost of 175 million dollars, that the change to our currency are about 160 million euros. It seems that the price has come to an agreement between the lawyers and Volkswagen, as these had been requested during the month of August a few 332,5 million dollars, almost 296 million euros. This means that Volkswagen paid 336 euros for each client americas affected only in the field of lawyers.

Of time, the scandal of pollutant emissions and the famous software already have cost Volkswagen almost 15,000 million euros, which is said soon. In addition, you now have the hard task of cleaning up his image, so that it is investing large amounts of money in the development of vehicles (really) low-polluting and electric cars.

In Europe, as we already explained a few days ago, sales of the Volkswagen Group have fallen slightly since the onset of the whole scandal. In the “old continent” has noticed this decline, although where it really the brands of VAG have asked credibility and sales is in the united States, especially with their mechanical diesel.

Source – Automotive News