Volkswagen will present a concept electric very important for the brand in Paris

VolkswagenWhile it is a year of the famous scandal of pollutant emissions from Volkswagen that went around the world, the German manufacturer is left with no choice but to look for a new philosophy to launder his image. According to AutoExpress Volkswagen is working on a important development of electric vehicles with high figures of autonomy and, seems to be that we will see some progress in the form of a concept during the next Paris Salon.

Supposedly this is a full offensive products that will be materialized during the next few years. The most striking thing of all is that, according to the alleged statements to AutoExpress on the part of senior officials of the brand, some of these models, the largest, would be able to match your range of autonomy to the models of Tesla, that is to say, around 600 km in the cycle of approval with a single charge. Meanwhile, the vehicles segment A and B will get a minimum range of 400 miles.

imagen-gama-electrica-de-volkswagenon the other hand, it is also important to note that the manufacturing cost of these models will be similar to that of vehicles with engines diesel and gasoline, so we can guess that their selling price to the public will be less for the facilities purchase that usually offer the governments to this type of electric vehicles. This price content comes, in part, that all these future products will be developed by the platform MEB the Group, which has been designed exclusively for electric vehicles of the manufacturer.

At present, the assembly time of a Volkswagen e-Golf is 60 to 90 minutes than what it takes to mount a Golf diesel, while the price of cost for installation is around a 15 % more.

If all this is true, we may soon be faced electric vehicles Volkswagen really are usable, usable and multi-purpose; without fear to stay without charge at our usual tours and even make a weekend of middle distance without fear.

Source – AutoExpress