Volkswagen will present the prototype I. D. Buzz for Europe in Geneva

Volkswagen Id-Buzz Concept

Volkswagen Group ‘re strolling through world his a strategy of electrification and autonomous vehicles. One of the first models that started this change of course was the concept I. D. Buzz. This prototype is based on the evolution that has suffered the modular platform MQB to create on her electric vehicles.

This concept it was premiered for the first time and with a global character in the last edition of the Auto Show in Detroit. As we all see in him, his design I was drinking a lot of its predecessor the T1, but a better way to bring them to our days. Among these improvements we have improved comfort, and an interior space unmatched in the segment (all of this is thanks to their platform MEB).

Volkswagen I.D. Buzz Concept

After its global debut in Detroit now it is the turn of Europe. The Volkswagen Group has confirmed that the I. D. Buzz will be present in the imminent Geneva motor show. With this, it is the third time that the German consortium walks to his electric van. This does not preclude that the classroom assistants are able to admire in person this awe-inspiring vehicle as its almost five metres of length will place it as a valid alternative to vehicles for transportation of passengers.

As we already know, thanks to your platform, the batteries of this vehicle are located on the floor. With this positioning the space for the occupants becomes immense. In addition, by lowering the center of gravity to the maximum, the dynamic behavior of the model will be very good for the size and final weight of the set.

For now, the I. D. Buzz does not have the green light to move to manufacturing. However, we could bring a pleasant surprise in the living Room of Geneva. The reason is that the Volkswagen Group needs to electrify its range immediately and although the Buzz is not the model most suitable for reaching the general public, if they could assert as a showcase technology to demonstrate what they are capable of.

We will be attentive to what happens in Geneva, because the Volkswagen Group could provide more of a surprise.

Source – Volkswagen