Volkswagen will review all planned investments (also in Spain)

Since jumped the scandal of Volkswagen, we have been warning of the dramatic consequences that will have the fraud of TDI in the German mark, and by extension other brands in the Group Volkswagen. Ignoring these potential consequences help, nor rule out any possible scenario. The Volkswagen Group announced an investment of 4,200 million euros for the coming years in the Spanish factories, factories of Martorell (SEAT) and Navarra. And with the scandal, there were many who warn of the possibility of such investments from freezing, to which even the Ministry of Industry said that investments in Spain were guaranteed. But no, they are not. The new president of Volkswagen, Mathias Müller, recognized that all planned investments will be reviewed and that “canceled or postponed which are not strictly necessary.”

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According to the Agency EFE , Mathias Müller spoke before more than 20,000 workers of the brand with the warning “I will be very clear: this is going to be painful.” The first decisions and Volkswagen would would be raised in the review (and possible cancellation) of some development plans initiated in recent years . In any case, the objective would still be to maintain the jobs of their employees.

But Volkswagen will need to halt investments that were planned in Spain?


SEAT Martorell rule that will suffer the consequences of the scandal of the TDI … how long?

The answer, once again, depend on the impact that has this crisis and for the cost of the brand to . Mathias Müller message implies that any investment will be reviewed and canceled, but not necessarily that must stop 3,300 million for equipment, facilities and R & D SEAT in our country, or planned investments in the Volkswagen factory in Navarra.

The problem is precisely to imagine how the development plans of SEAT are priority for Volkswagen Group. Recall that planned the launch of four new models in the next two years, which are not necessarily produced in Spain (it is expected that the first SUV compact SEAT is produced in Republic Czech).

So, it is having become clear that the future of investments is not insured, as they hinted at some voices the central government and the Generalitat of Catalonia, again we ask, how long they will continue their course these investments?

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SEAT Martorell rule that will suffer the consequences of the scandal of the TDI … how long?

SEAT launch 4 new models in the next two years (and if bets are SUV, probably win)

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