Volkswagen will trim finishes and variations instead of laying off employees


Volkswagen will reduce the list of finishes and options in their current range

The Volkswagen Group is already doing calculations of how to deal the fines and other expenses arising from the scandal Volkswagen without the need of resorting to dismissal of staff. One of the strategies to follow is that of remove certain finishes, and variants of the huge list that owns the German manufacturer, in order to reduce the complexity and reduce the cost, for example in the logistics.

Up to two billion in savings

there is an official list of modifications in the present but some names resonate more than others. For example, it may be excessive an offer of 25 variants of the small Up! taking into consideration engines, transmissions, and bodies. On the other hand, the Beetle despite being an iconic model is not selling as well as expected. By the time they speak only of the models Volkswagen although it is not surprising that in some way also affect the other brands of sisters: Audi, Seat and Skoda.

Us from the Business Committee has marked much of the wide range of variants of models and different components, “said Bernd Osterloh, workers’ representative and one of the most influential figures in the VW Group. And he adds: “That brings a huge complexity and adds to the costs, for example, for the logistics industry. We can reduce the costs there on a large scale and not have to talk about the job cuts.

The savings achieved by this action it is estimated that can achieve the two thousand million euros. A figure that still falls far short of the 8.700 million euros which estimates the group will cost the scandal of the manipulation of emissions.

Other measures that are going to take is the one of to reduce the annual investment in billions of euros and to slow down the number of production vehicles to the fall in demand, because of the distrust that abounds among the customers, not will cause an overflow vehicles in stock.

In Engine.that is, we informed you of the procedure for modifications to the TDI engines of 1.6 and 2.0 liters, it remains to determine what actions will be carried out on the 1.2-litre and the recently implicated 3.0-liter TDI V6 engine that affects Porsche, among others.