Volkswagen wins the first lawsuit for the Dieselgate in Spain

volkswagen-tiguan-1we Already have the result of first trial against Volkswagen in Spain by the scandal Dieselgate. It was a particular one that reported it to Volkswagen asking for the refund of the amount paid for your car. It is a neighbor of Torrelavega (Cantabria) acquired in may 2012 a Volkswagen Tiguan 2.0 TDI in the dealer Part Car of the town, paying a fee of 34.541 euros.

The court of first instance of Torrelavega has dismissed the claim in favor of the manufacturer, claiming that neither Volkswagen Spain nor the dealer that sold the car in question (the defendants) were aware of the scandal Dieselgate emissions. In addition, the statement emphasizes that the solution provided by Volkswagen to solve the problems of emissions is adequate.

Volkswagen TDITo dismiss the indictment, the court also has taken into account the environmental actions of the plaintiff, considering that the plaintiff is not a person particularly concerned about the environment, not to belong to any association related to the cause or to not make any kind of contribution, whether economic or not, with these purposes. In addition, the fact that there are no measures at the state level or european to immobilize the vehicles affected, do not represent any risk for driving, contributes to the final verdict.

With this judgment in favor of Volkswagen, now the plaintiff will have to take care of all the costs of the trial. Still plays with the resource to its favor, though with a judgment so clear, it seems difficult for the law to force Volkswagen to recomprarle the vehicle.

Source – EFE

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