Volkswagen would have modified 4 times the software cheat for the last 7 years

A recent report indicates that Volkswagen would be updated progressively the software cheat over the years to be able to comply with the changes in the measurements of pollutant emissions from their diesel engines.

Volkswagen-TDIAndl scandal of Volkswagen with their diesel engines, which is known as dieselgate is complicated each day. According to what is said in the agency Reuters, a new report suggests that the traps in the emissions testing was not limited only to the engine EA189.

according to three anonymous sources familiar with the issue, Volkswagen took to dig a number of modifications to the software to meet the emissions testing during the last few years. The German mark would have modified their illegal software for four types of engines, cited sources.

In the year 2008 the software was installed in the diesel engine EA189 and subsequently a variant of the same device, souped-up would have been installed in the engine EA288 1.6 and 2.0 litre displacement. The same source pointed out that Volkswagen went back to configure the software, as they were changing the rules that regulate pollutant emissions.

If these allegations prove true, the update of the device cheat throughout several years, would mean that there was a clear intention to deceive the agencies that measure the pollutant emissions, not only in the united States, but possibly in other markets as well.

Several employees appear to have been involved in this task, which have required funding and even training to carry it out. And precisely that is a point that could affect the size of the potential fines and the magnitude of the change in the management in the company. It is obvious that is not the same as the dieselgate has been the merit of only two or three officers, that a task deliberate and organized throughout various departments within the structure of the company.

beyond what happened in united States, several countries of the Union Europe already face their own research about this topic.

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