Volkswagen XL3, the hybrid which consumes three litres will come in 2018


The Volkswagen XL3 will be very much influenced by the XL1

After the dreaded scandal Volkswagen, VAG group has given priority to all of its projects vehicles with environment-friendly. As you already know is coming, a flood of hybrid versions and electric of different models that are already here or are coming, as the SUV’s, electric sports Audi Q6. Now comes information from one of these great projects.

In 2018 about becoming the Volkswagen XL3. Sure that this name looks familiar and not so strange since this new vehicle will inherit various aspects of the Volkswagen XL1, the one amazing hybrid that approves less than 1 liter (0,9) each 100 km In this time the XL3 will consume 3 liters per 100 km as can be guessed by its name.

3 liters per 100 km average consumption

Your aspect will be strongly influenced by the XL1 following few lines very aerodynamic. Do not miss the daytime running lights in the form of C, and insertions in blue, signs of identity in hybrid and electric vehicles VW (Golf GTE and e-Up!) and we will miss him if the wheels of the rear axle are covered as happens in the vehicle that inspires.


The XL1 exceeded the 124,000 euros but the XL3 will cost about 30,000

Under the hood you will find a mechanical hybrid plug-in that combines a petrol engine 1.4-liter turbo 140 HP with a small electric motor of 35 HP along with a package of batteries, also of small proportions. Everything is “small” because the weight is essential to find the efficiency.

Will be able to go a few miles in mode 100% electric due to the limited capacity of your batteries but will possess certain technologies that will help you achieve the average of 3 litres per 100 km as the cylinder deactivation in the internal combustion engine.

unlike the XL1, with limited production of 250 units at a price that exceeds the 124,000 euros in Spain, the XL3 will be a model much more accessible with a price of “only” 30,000 euros.