Volvette, possibly the Volvo V90 more brutal on the streets

There is something charming in the united States, and it is how easy it is to create a engrendro using the technique of swap, that is to say, make a car the engine of another. If we speak of a Volvo V90 of the year 97, it certainly is not the car more exciting or sporty of the world… But what happens if you get a engine LS1? it Is a 5.7 V8 that is not less than 345 HP.

We are faced with a trabajito National Speed, a trainer of american, which left a Volvo V90 with more than 321, 000 miles, and I rode him for a motor that came of a Pontiac GTO. The engine featured several improvements, such as pistons, reinforced, and delivers about 500hp of power. Unlike other Volvo’s smaller, is of propulsion rear.

The mechanical advantage to the extent possible, all the parts of Volvo, including part of the exhaust. This sleeper account with usual amenities like power steering, cruise control or air conditioning. As we left the exhaust at low revs is a car to quiet, but hot… it makes noise. Its consumption is even reasonable, only 10,2 l/100 km of gasoline.

The owner is Darwin Brandis (@DarwinBrandis), a filmmaker resident in north Carolina, whose secret has been exposed through Jalopnik. The only way to know that is your car is through the tuition, “Volvette”, because from the outside it looks a nondescript Volvo family most of the time.