Volvo and Uber have announced a broad alliance to develop autonomous vehicles


Volvo and Uber are joining forces for a joint project for autonomous vehicles

Volvo and Uber, the two major companies have just signed an agreement of collaboration $ 300 million for the development of a fleet of autonomous vehicles. The idea of Uber is to get a fleet of vehicles able to work by themselves, without requiring a human person to monitor it, and the strong need to pay you, to do this, Volvo will provide the units required.

The agreement will put in place a fleet Volvo XC90 driving on a city with the ability to move by themselves without the help of a human, although for the moment these will be supervised by an engineer on board. The use cases will be so real that the vehicles will be called on the phone randomly by actual customers of Uber to which you will have to transport it to the location that they want to go.

the surprise of The customers will be rewarding, since in this case will not have to pay the amount by the transfer thanks will collaborate in the development of these autonomous vehicles. Uber want to possess in the future a large fleet of autonomous vehicles functional with the ability to continue to provide the service provided for the carriage of passengers but a lower cost to customers, both worth owning a vehicle for private use.


The Volvo XC90 will serve as the basis of tests with users of Uber real

These Volvo XC90 are modified posts that the current Pilot Assist of the swedes is not yet a driving system of autonomous but rather a wizard as the Tesla. The SUVs swedes that will be involved in this project contain a number of systems added to be able to acquire the ability to drive pos themselves: sensors, cameras, laser systems, radar, and GPS.

Volvo will build the vehicles and Uber purchase them for your use. Both companies will use this unique base to create their own strategies for autonomous vehicles. For a part, Uber will have a fleet of “vehicles workers” that do not require a person on board for his riding, while Volvo gets to give autonomy own their vehicles based on the new platform and PSA, the same that gives life to the entire series 90: XC90, S90 and V90.