Volvo begins to undress her XC60 road to Geneva

Volvo XC60 teaser

Volvo already has a list and is about to be presented the new generation of its mid-size SUV XC60. This vehicle has brought him a fame and image are very strong and want to follow it by holding it in the future. So, now that we are a few days that the Geneva motor show open their doors, they have decided to release several teasers to show where you will run your model.

images that have been disseminated by the Swedish house shows three important elements of the car. The first sample how to be your headlights on main next to its front grille and the second is again displayed but this time in his front. In both images do not look more detailed than these, but we are confident that the new generation of the XC60 will keep a high resemblance with his brother. However the headlights “Hammer of Thor” seem to be something more stylized that are used in the XC90, making the design is a step more evolved.

Volvo XC60 teaser

The third image Volvo has made public refers to the lateral part of the XC60. In this case the car is covered completely by a tarp, but this does not prevent to check that, as it happens with the headlights main, will keep the basic lines of its older brother. In addition, in this snapshot we can clearly see the line of the rear window and the light signature of the rear light and it must be admitted that it seems, and a lot, used in the XC90.

Volvo XC60 teaser

Knowing that will be a XC90 almost in miniature we can clarify several aspects. The first is that your wheelbase will be greater than the one who has the current model (thanks to is built on the new modular platform of the SPA signature). This will help to provide more space in the back row and could even give rise to a version with seven seats for the american market. In addition, the new XC60 will feature a trunk with greater capacity than the current one.

with Respect to their range mechanics it is very likely (almost certain) that the new generation of the XC60 uses the same as that already employ their brothers-in-range. That is, mechanical diesel and gasoline-only four-cylinder and the help of the hybridization or turbos to increase power and reduce fuel consumption and emissions. In addition, it would not be unreasonable to inaugurate a new system of propulsion hybrid with a mechanical three-cylinder.

official presentation will be in the next Geneva motor show. However we don’t be surprised if they before its debut public filtraran more images and details of the model. We are aware of.

Source – Volvo

Volvo XC60
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