Volvo bet for models smaller with the Series 20

Volvo plans to launch a new range of models positioned below the current 40 Series. It’s the new 20 Series, which will become a reality in the year 2019.

Andl Swedish manufacturer is considering a new series of models that would be situated below the current 40 Series, as a new access option. According to recent statements of Lex Kerssemakers, President of Volvo in the united States, these new models will be encompassed within the Series 20.

while Kerssemakers did not want to delve details when he was asked about the new Series 20, although he said that Volvo only makes cars global, by which these new small models will only be possible to meet the demand of large markets like the north american or the european.

The management believes that there is still demand for premium models of small size. This new 20-Series of Volvo debut with a small SUV and a sedan, compact; Volvo XC20, Volvo V20 and Volvo S20.

In the framework of the motor show of Shanghai, Volvo announced the arrival of its first model purely electric, which will be based on the new modular architecture CMA, intended for models smaller. This platform will be the basis for this new series of models of smaller dimensions, which will go on sale in 2019.

Volvo plans lto all of their range is electrified by 2025, with a hybrid available in each family of models. Probably the XC20 and V20 are offered in electric versions.