Volvo calls 74,000 cars in U.S. for potential faults in the belt

Volvo XC60 Ocean Race 2015Volvo has been and is one of the brands that are most secure of the history of the automobile. Their cars were the first in the world to incorporate the safety belt as an element of the series and today is the first car manufacturer to incorporate an airbag in the bonnet of their vehicles to avoid serious injury to pedestrians in case of violations. It is a brand that throughout its history has not stopped of innovate in this aspect and continues to develop new systems to continue to be the number one.

Its commitment to the safety of their customers and cars is very important and to do this just throw a call to review in the united States to review the safety belt of several of their models. Specifically, the so-called on this occasion are the Volvo S60, S90, V60, XC60 and XC90 ranges of years 2016 and 2017 and, together, make a total of 74,000 units, which will be reviewed.

Volvo S60According to Jim Nichols, a spokesman for Volvo in the united States, the problem is caused by a pin connection in the seat belt buckle, which could cause the safety belt in case of impact work in an inappropriate way not protecting it properly to the passengers. This measure is more as a precaution for the existence of accidents and victims caused by the problem.

to carry out the review of the safety belts, the brand will contact the 74.000 thousand owners of a Volvo in the united States, and ask them to come to a service official. In addition to the models already sold, Volvo will also review the units you have in stock to verify that they are in perfect condition. Obviously this action will not have any cost for the customers.

Initially, this call to review only occur in the united States, since the European market has not encountered this problem in the models referred to above. However, if the brand might wish to adopt would be to call the customers so that they can check the seat belts of their vehicles.

Well for Volvo.

Source – Volvo Cars

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