Volvo calls review to 59,000 cars off and pull themselves up

Volvo S60 calls to review are the order of the day and no brand is exempt from them. On this occasion it is Volvo the who is calling on its customers to be detected to 59,000 vehicles potentially affected by a software problem that involves some risk. Some drivers have been detected, such as, while driving, their cars have been off and have returned to start automatically at the end of a second without any action on the part of the driver.

According to the statement of the brand, the problem of software can do that the engine and the electronic systems are restarted in this way. The mark is not aware that has been no accident due to this cause, and still no concrete information on exactly in that circumstances have occurred these facts on the different customers who have experienced the problem.

volvo-v60-1to 59,000 units affected by the problem correspond to the model year 2016 models S60, S60 Cross Country, V60, V60 Cross Country, XC60, V70 and XC70 equipped with a diesel engine five-cylinder. 97% of affected vehicles have been sold in Europe, being Sweden the most affected country with 24,000 units, followed by the Uk and Germany, with 7,000 and 6,000 units respectively. The absence of diesel engines by Volvo in markets such as China or the united States has been spared from making calls to review in these markets are of vital importance for the brand.

Volvo is getting in touch with all affected customers to bring their cars to the workshop. There will be a reprogramming of the software problematic in an operation that will not have cost to the customer and is undertaken in not more than half an hour. The first repairs have already been made.

Source – Automotive News Europe

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