Volvo celebrates 20 years of all-wheel drive with a driving test of the winter

Volvo Cars is celebrating the 20 years of its system of mechanical traction integral. And for
to celebrate such an important anniversary, the Swedish manufacturer of premium vehicles
has decided to test their vehicles of higher performances equipped with
all-wheel drive AWD in a demanding event held in the frozen lakes that
surrounding the ski resort of Åre, north of Sweden.

Volvo XC90

Volvo celebrates 20 years of their system of traction to the four wheels.

We are faced with a test of driving in winter that has served Volvo to show graphically the behavior and capacity of your vehicles traction integral to any type of terrain and weather situation. The models that met this test series were the following: XC90, V40 Cross Country and V90 Cross Country respectively.

The manufacturer emphasizes that with your technology of four-wheel drive improves the handling, stability and traction, maintaining at the same time an experience of pleasant driving to the couple that is safe and agile. In recent times we have seen the traction systems have improved considerably allowing you to reduce your weight and, hence, improve the efficiency.

Since Volvo introduced the technology “Active On Demand”, the four wheels are always coupled, so that the torque is distributed instantly to the rear wheels in the time that is necessary. The current system of mechanical traction to the four wheels of the Swedish brand has a modular design and therefore adaptable to each one of the models that are in your range.

Volvo XC90

Currently, more than 50% of the orders of the Series 90 Volvo is associated to the traction AWD.

To get an idea of the jerk that have the versions AWD Volvo, just take a look at the sales figures of the series 90. More than 50% of the orders placed on models of this series correspond to versions with all-wheel drive.

Volvo 850 Station Wagon, the first with traction AWD

Volvo began the process of research and development of its awd system for over 20 years. The first vehicle of the brand, equipped with traction to the four wheels produced in series was the Volvo 850 Station Wagon, presented in the month of may 1996. This model had a turbocharged engine 2.5-liter L5T that he threw a power of 193 HP and was associated with a gearbox five-speed manual.

But, without a doubt, the great forerunner of the popularity and expansion of the versions of AWD across the range of Volvo was the XC90, and more specifically in their first generation (presented at the Salon of Detroit 2002).