Volvo celebrates 40 years of the 262C Coupe by Bertone

Designed in Sweden and built by Carozzeria Bertone in Italy, the Volvo 262C has just turned 40 years old.

Su debut took place in the Geneva motor show of the year 1977. Developed by the chief designer of the company Jan Wilsgaard, the Volvo 262C lived the transformation of his body of four doors to a coupe on the premises of the Italian designer Sergio Coggiola of Turin, Italy.

Coggiola transformed in addition to body a ceiling lower coated in vinyl and some new C-pillars that gave the 262C one of its signs of identity. Once finished the design and taking into account that they would be made a few units a year, Volvo chose to order assembly end to Bertone in Italy.

Volvo sent the kits to Italy, where the bodywork was modified and the cars were finally assembled. Bertone added a small logo in the bottom edge of the windshield.

Swedish Design, Italian construction and motorization france, since the Volvo 262C was using a V6 engine of 2.7-liter with 141 HP power, developed in conjunction with Peugeot and Renault, which was built in Douvrin, France.