Volvo Concept 26, the great experience on board the autonomous car

Volvo takes a while to work on the development of autonomous cars through the research project Drive Me. Cars that drive themselves are a reality that every time is closer and the manufacturer scandinavian estimates that this technology will already be available in the Swedish capital, and Gothenburg, 2017.

driving autonomous will change our habits in road travel and will also affect the design of cars. On this basis, Volvo has unveiled the Concept 26 in the Hall of the Angels: this is not a brand-new prototype, but the vision of the experience on board for this type of self mobility.

The name of the Concept comes from the 26 minutes on average that it takes for a person to get to your work, according to the studies of the Swedish manufacturer. 26 minutes that can be the whole driving experience, entertainment or rest and comfort according to our needs.

Concept 26 presents a new design seat patented and a cabin which can be configured in three modes to cover three scenarios. The mode Drive is the most similar to the cars current and allows the user to to drive the vehicle in the traditional way, avoiding unnecessary distractions as much as possible.

Create opens before us a wide range of options to take advantage of the time displacement, working or passing a leisure time taking advantage of new technologies. The car follows the path autonomously, and the driver can change the configuration of the cockpit to retract the steering wheel, move the seat, have tables and watch different screens on which read, work, watch videos or listen to music.

mode Relaxation lives up to its name by making the seat reclines, and the user rest during the trip, no worries as the car goes by itself to your destination. Robin Page, vice president of interior design for Volvo Cars, explains that “some people want to take advantage of your time scrolling back and forth to work in a creative manner if they have at their disposal a driving a fully autonomous, while others will want to simply get comfortable, relax and listen to music or watch multimedia content online. driving autonomous will make all of this possible”.