Volvo confirms that we will see next V60 at the Geneva motor show

The work that Volvo being done to to update its range of models is striking. In a matter of three years has been renewed almost completely its entire portfolio, because the great XC90 opened the veda, and this will not close until the V40 to be a substitute to the height. The next model in the list of the Swedish firm to be updated by complete, is the family S60, because according to have been confirmed, we will be able to meet him the next month of march.

Geneva motor show is the quote I have chosen the responsible of Volvo in order to formalize this model. However, what has surprised us is that instead of presenting the sedan body in the first place, to subsequently do the same with the most versatile family, it will be upside down as it is carried out. In this way, the first version that we will get to know the family S60 will be your version V, that is to say, the V60.

aesthetic language that will take the next family S/V60 has to be similar to that used by the recent launches of Volvo. The example that, in theory, will continue to be responsible for the design of the Swedish company will be the S90/V90, since along the XC90 were the precursors of the new aesthetic of the brand. However, we should bear in mind that this language has evolved with the new XC60 and XC40, and hence, the new generation S60/V60 will incorporate features that show this path to the future.

At the technical level is expected to be developed on the modern and ultra modular platform SPA, since it is expected that its size is greater than the one that has the current model. Taking into account this data, the range mechanics of the next range S60/V60 will use the efficient blocks of gasoline and diesel with powers ranging from 150 HP versions of access up to the more than 400 HP, which will supply the hybrid versions turbo and supercharged.

March is just around the corner, so that it is more than likely that before the appointment to switzerland to open its doors filtered or know more official data this new model of the Swedish house. We will be attentive to them.

Source – Volvo

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