Volvo does not want keys for their cars (and it is a good idea except if your iPhone lasts for a little battery)

systems keyless are already quite common among the endowments of equipment, included in the finishes more modest, but Volvo, you want to go even a step further and dispense with the traditional concept of key. In fact, point to that from 2017 aim to launch to the market the first car without a key.

This technology is presented on the occasion of the Mobile World Congress 2016:

Volvo will test this technology during 2016. Their intention is to take it to the street in 2017.

How to open then the car? The key goes, of course, on our smart phone, a application of Volvo and connection bluetooth.

In this way we will be able to open our car through the phone, open the trunk, start it… counting in this application of Volvo with a number of profiles, if we have several cars of the brand with this technology and of course, we can also share the “digital key” of our car with other users, who can access, after our permission, in the car with your smartphone.

The possibility of open or close our car via your smartphone is already present in other brands, including their applications, functions such as checking the state of the car, its load/gasoline, regular air-conditioning, opening the windows… but Volvo would go a step further by getting rid completely of the old key.

A similar concept we are already in the service of Car2Go, where through the mobile not only locate the car, but also open, although in the last instance we have that, once open, insert a key to start.

¿Votes in favor of this system?What will happen if we run out battery our mobile?
For now, Volvo mentions that they will continue to offer a key classic for those who so wish.

Video system keyless Volvo: