Volvo implements a system of delivery of packages in the car

Volvo In-car DeliveryWhen we receive a package, and we are not at home, is a hat. Involved in re-arrange a delivery schedule with the messenger, or moved by its own means to a logistics centre that may be far from our house. This is why many companies have in mind an interesting logistics project, which aims to the package delivery in the cars of the recipients when these are parked and while the owner works, or do any other errand.

Audi, Amazon and DHL have already raised the system, even if they have not been the only ones. Now is Volvo the company forward by implementing in the streets this system of parcel delivery in the car just at the time that the courier companies work more they have, the dates are close to christmas. In collaboration with the company PostNord, Volvo will deliver on the cars of some customers purchased products online in and This new project is called Volvo In-car Delivery.


Initially the service is only present in the city of Gothenburg to the users with services Volvo On Call, although the idea is that it expands to the rest of Sweden and to other countries, at the same time it would add more websites for sale to the catalog. The messenger will use a geolocation system to reach the vehicle and it will a digital key use only to open the car and to be able to leave the goods. After performing the operation, the driver will receive a notice informing you that you already have your coveted package in the car.

To select the delivery Volvo In-car Delivery, the purchaser shall only have to mark this box during the checkout process on the websites attached to the project.

Source – Volvo