Volvo is designing robots that are instructed to collect our garbage

We are not the idea of ​​what we can change our lives, or the appearance of any city in the time robotics and artificial intelligence is sufficiently developed to replace humans in the Most jobs. Some fear that is the same artificial intelligence that will finally destroy humanity. And probably the first step is to create robots that take care of jobs that make us uncomfortable. Volvo recently presented a project to create robots that are responsible for creep into our neighborhood and pick up trash . Will it be realized this utopian scenario of robots in charge of garbage collection?

In June 2016 will begin testing the first prototypes of these robots that are responsible for garbage collection.

So far Volvo has joined the recycling company Renova; Chalmers University of Technology and Mälardalen University in Sweden; and Penn State University in the United States, in this pilot project submitted by the acronym ROAR Autonomous Robot-based Refuse handling.

The development work has already begun and in June 2016 , in less than a year, expect the first prototype based on the collection vehicles and Renova is operating under evidence .


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How will these robots landfills?

In the coming years, with the latest advances in robotics and artificial intelligence, we will be getting used to the robots invading our cities and we supplant in certain jobs.

This first phase would pose a semi-autonomous collection system. That is, autonomous robots capable of collecting garbage cans and empty them into a pickup truck would be used. But the wheel of the truck an operator oversee the entire operation would remain.

The biggest problem they face the designers of these robots is to create machines that are able to coordinate properly and, above all, capable of face different situations they have to face in their work refuse collection . Imagine that the environment in which they move is not always ideal. What if the container is overflowing, or if you have placed an obstacle in their path between the truck and the container? All these problems will gradually be resolved that in the coming months.

Developing gatherers robots trash is only the beginning of a picture of the future even more impressive , in which little by little we will see how these machines will remplazándonos humans in certain tasks .

Source: Volvo | Via: PFSK
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