Volvo is electrify: in 2019, its new models will have an electric motor

Volvo eléctricos

All the new models that Volvo launches from the year 2019 will be hybrid or electric.

During the past few months we’ve been doing echo of the movements that will be performed by Volvo in the coming years. It is undeniable that the Swedish manufacturer will make a bet important electrical. However, we did not expect so close the brand is to launch the pool and advocate for a rapid transition to sustainable mobility. It has been confirmed that from the year 2019 all new models of Volvo will be hybrid or electric.

An ad that directly coincide with the study carried out a few months ago and with which the brand noted this year for the launch of its first car 100% electric. This new electric vehicle mechanics electrified will be produced in China and will be marketed at a global level. Shall be equipped with a battery pack of a lithium ion battery 100 kWh to offer a range over 450 miles on a single charge.

on the other hand, we have the recent announcement from Volvo stating that will develop diesel engines. Now, the brand goes a step further and sets an expiration date for their vehicles that are powered exclusively with combustion engines. Håkan Samuelsson, CEO of Volvo, has stated that “it is about the customer, people demand more and more electric cars and we want to respond to the current and future needs of our customers. You can choose the Volvo track that you want to”.

Volvo announces its “electrification” from the year 2019.

In the plans for Volvo are to launch a range of models electric battery, plug-in hybrids and microhíbridos. Between the years, 2019, and 2021 we will witness the arrival of five pure electric. Three of them will be Volvo and the remaining two will be Polestar. Firm that has recently been separated from the Swedish manufacturer to develop its own range of electric cars, high-performance.

plug-in hybrids will continue to deepen the technology currently employed by Volvo in some of their models, while the microhíbridos will incorporate a 48-volt system. A technology similar to that used by other manufacturers such as Audi in the new generation of the A8. Allows you to save a large amount of fuel and reduce emissions levels.

For all these electric and hybrid modular platform MEP will play a leading role. It is an architecture designed by Volvo to be used specifically in this type of vehicle. The first to debut will be the new car 100% electric that Volvo will launch in 2019.