Volvo is working on a system of detection of kangaroos

Volvo sistema detección cangurosIf we think Australia, it is likely that you do not take long to appear in our mind a kangaroo. These animals are, precisely, in which more think the drivers are australian, because they are one of the main causes of accidents in Australia. It is estimated that annually there are more than 20,000 accidents with kangaroos involved, with a cost to insurers of close to 49 million euro, the margin of the countless injuries or deaths of drivers.

Volvo has always been a company concerned with security and it works since years in a detection system of kangaroos that is now being tested for the first time. The brand is studying the behavior of these animals to the edge of the roads, collecting data to incorporate them into their systems, mitigation of impacts, in order to optimize the response of this in the presence of kangaroos on the road.

Volvo sistema detección cangurosThe system of impact mitigation of Volvo uses cameras and radars to detect obstacles and with this new functionality, the Swedish manufacturer becomes the first to develop a system of similar features. The principle of operation is the same as the one used by the system to other obstacles, apply the brakes to avoid impact or minimize its consequences.

The current system of mitigation of impacts of Volvo is not sufficient to anticipate the kangaroos. These are usually present in areas that circulates at high speed, while the ideal habitat for any braking system automatic emergency is the city, where you are driving at a lower speed. One of the added difficulties is that kangaroos are more rapid and unpredictable, in addition to smaller, to other animals on which he has worked at Volvo, as the moose.

The Volvo City Safety, as it is called the system of mitigation of impacts, it is able to detect cars, pedestrians and cyclists day or night. A radar scan the road to mobile elements, while the camera of the windshield helps to identify potential barriers to movement. The system is able to detect these situations in less than half of what it would take for a driver, with the possibility added to act on the brakes in case the driver does not respond to the notices prior

Source – Volvo

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