Volvo joins forces with Google to develop a new multimedia system

Volvo Google

Volvo has reached an agreement with Google to develop the next generation of its multimedia systems and infotainment. The technology is expected to reach within two years, and will be based on the Android operating system. Although the operating system will have the green robot as the protagonist, Apple products will also be compatible.

The product would be different to Android Auto, a system that Google already has in the market since a few years ago and that has gained a lot of popularity thanks to automotive manufacturers such as Audi or Opel, to be the mark of the lightning the largest seller of cars in Spain.

Volvo XC60

According to the head of Research and Development of Volvo, Henrik Green, developing applications for the Google system will provide connected services and predictive around the car.

With the arrival of Android we are going to adopt an ecosystem is booming and quite wealthy, keeping our iconic user interface for Volvo. We will offer hundreds of popular applications and the best integrated experience in this wide connected environment,” added Henrik Green.

Volvo also is working with Google to update recent models of Volvo by adding Google Local Search, a service application based on the location. This will be launched through an upgrade to customers with Sensus Navigation.

Volvo Skype

The car manufacturer believes that smart partnerships are the future of the automotive industry. In the past year announced that they were collaborating with Uber to jointly develop the technology of autonomous vehicles, something that today is a reality and that each time the car manufacturers have more in mind.

Without a doubt, we are before a series of innovations that will change the way in which we understand the car and the way in which we drive. Packed with technology similar to that we find in our smartphones and with a multitude of advancements in security and driving autonomously, it remains to be seen what will become the cars of the future.