Volvo launches In-Car Delivery: you receive your christmas gifts in the trunk of the car

Are you fed up of waiting for the messenger to arrive with the package that you order on the internet? Are you fed up of that, unfortunately very often, do not comply with the delivery schedules, and you spend an afternoon holed up at home waiting for your package to not finally arrive? Volvo has the solution to end this problem. The neighbors of Gothenburg will be able to receive these christmas gifts, beverages and even food, directly in the trunk of his car. And much eye, because very probably this idea will spread in the coming years, more countries, more manufacturers and more retailers online.

The boot can only be accessed once, and when remotely will allow you, the messenger. The package will stay safely in our car, regardless of where we are or what we have parked.

The idea behind Volvo passes precisely by to transform the trunk of our car in a secure mailbox and is very flexible for the receiver of the package. Sure, in both the package will be perfectly protected in its interior, and the messenger will only have access at the time you go to deposit the shipping, and we allow you. Flexible, in both no matter what place we are in, that our car is parked in the house door, or in our work, for the package to be delivered. Which will allow us to live without the “shackles” of having to wait for the messenger with our shipping.


Audi, DHL, and even Amazon, have also explored the possibility of delivering packages in the trunk of our car.

The idea is not new, but its application in real life. Volvo already told us about this project last year, Audi, Amazon, and DHL also have been explored, and the current technology of many cars is advanced enough to allow it.

The only thing that would need you to be potential candidates to use this technology is a car connected to the internet. In the case of the system Volvo In-car Delivery, the customers of the brand in Gothenburg will be able to benefit from this system by receiving packages of PostNord; the store of toy store; and, a online business power.

Volvo ensures that Gothenburg will be extended to the rest of Sweden. And that, of Sweden, will be extended to the rest of the countries in which they have clients, and the services of a car connected.

Source: Volvo
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