Volvo might be thinking of launching a Series 20

Prueba Volvo V40

Since the Swedish manufacturer Volvo was acquired by Geely is living in a golden age. Its model range is competitive and the public is reacting very positively to this fact. gone are the fears about the future that could have in the hands of chinese, as everyone (me included) thought that it would end its days as a mere assembler of cars for the chinese market and little more.

The time has passed and we have known how they have evolved the new S90, XC90 and now it is the turn of the XC60. The manufacturer’s product range is being updated at a high rate and the technological level of these is also increasing integers. All this has been possible thanks to the money that has been injected Geely and to the design and development of their modern modular platforms.

Prueba Volvo S90 T6

Thank them we will soon have the new family 40 that will be formed by the XC40 and a compact traditional cut. However, we have known for a Car and Driver that the plans of the Swedish company are going to go a step further. Lex Kerssemakers, president of Volvo to the united States, has done an interview for this medium, and in it reveals that the range of the manufacturer can still grow downward.

The words of Kerssemakers have focused on emphasizing the obvious “is quite simple: The S90 is the largest, and the V40 is the smallest” […] “And when you have a 20, it will be even smaller”. With these words we can sense that the craving for Volvo to grow in the market will create a family smaller than the current 40. Idea that is further highlighted by the previous concept 40.2, as it had the form of a sedan with a size that is restrained.

If the launch of this family 20 you could also get a XC20, or which would be the same, the opponent’s perfect for the Audi Q2 and they can come to the field international premium. This new family would come endorsed by the hybrid technology plug-in that is already in the engine bay of the Volvo bigger, making their technological level is beyond doubt.

Source – Car and Driver

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