Volvo PowerPulse: we tested it and this has been our experience

we Just released the new Volvo S90 and Volvo V90, the new bodywork developed by Volvo to compete in the premium market. Although later I detail all our impressions of this generation, today we focus on one of the first fruits presented by Volvo in the new S90 and V90, the engine turbodiesel D5 235 HP. Its main innovation is the technology PowerPulse, the idea of Volvo to revolutionize the engines turbo. After making a good handful of miles, which I seem to discover how does the new diesel engine of Volvo technology PowerPulse.

The system PowerPulse is pointed out, the goal of Volvo is to hobnob with the 6-cylinder diesel of the competition

Before anything What is the technology PowerPulse? Volvo has designed a system to reduce the lag of your diesel engine more powerful based on the injection of compressed air into the exhaust manifold to accelerate the gases have to move the turbines of the turbochargers. It is a system anti-lag, and its operation in the engine 2.0 Drive-E turbo 235 HP is to accelerate the exhaust gases passing through the two turbochargers that are connected in series.

In theory, if tentemos in mind that we are dealing with a four-cylinder engine and two turbochargers in series, the lag that should be there would be little, but it is not always so. For this reason, and taking into account that Volvo no longer build more engines 5-or 6-cylinder, has decided to seek a technological solution to the answer of 4 cylinders is equal, if not better, than the six-cylinder engines of the competition.

volvo-s90-power-pulse-prueba-2016-003-mdmThe diesel engine D5 of the Volvo S90 and V90 offers a maximum power of 235 HP at 4,000 rpm and a maximum torque of 480 Nm between 1,750 and to 2,250 rpm. But the torque curve shows that the work of the turbocharger is made of a much softer than the engine D4 190 HP. Offer pair is constant, and since its maximum zone, the fall is very gradual up to 350 Nm at 4,500 rpm. That is to say, the reserve torque is the forte of this engine, and that is where the system PowerPulse noted working.


The technology PowerPulse will have much to say in the future of diesel engines at Volvo, although the electric compressors are falling

Taking into account that the Volvo S90 round the 1,800-kilograms, the first thing that stands out from the operation of the D5 engine of 235 HP is their departure from a standing start. Behaves like a motor energetic, and in the mode of driving Dynamic is accentuated even more. This is already a point to keep in mind. In march, we found the diesel engine offers a range of broad use, although comfortable feels from 2,000 rpm, providing always that reserve of thrust to accelerate quickly. So to speak, or flowing very low laps, the engine leaves you sold, since, thanks to the fast response of the turbocharger and the management of change automatic, the D5 engine is located in the area of work and makes the delivery of benefits.

what is a revolution the system PowerPulse? as you look at it, let me explain. On the one hand the D5 engine of 235 HP to deliver a performance quite smooth, a little loud and energetic. Your answer is good always, especially in terms of departures from a standing, but may lie in lack something more than nerve for this motor sells its supremacy, technological in front of the rivals, nothing more caressing for the first time on the throttle. Talking with the technicians in charge of development of the system, we communicated that effectively sought a balance between a best response and a margin of broad use without the violence in the delivery of strength. Here we have to remember that we are in a saloon or family court premium, but do not rule out that this technology PowerPulse to evolve to offer much more on the eve of the arrival of the electric compressors with which Volvo already flirts on their 2.0 Turbo 450 BHP.