Volvo records the denomination S50 what will you be plotting to?

Since the Swedish manufacturer Volvo was acquired by the chinese Geely your luck has changed radically. Has gone from being on the verge of disappearance because of the inaction of Ford to be one of the firms that increased growth is registering in the premium market. To reach this situation only has needed a strong investment in new productor, and a strategic plan to meet the ambitions of the brand.

Geely is not stupid and knows that Volvo has a high potential of growth. Therefore, far from reducing its radius of action has been given to Polestar as its division sports and now they are going to explode. The way of carrying out this work lies in their branch of sport will focus on designing, developing and manufacturing sports that can be put against the ropes to those of the German brands.

The immediate plans of Volvo are two releases that have open the doors to the market volume that they really need. The new generation XC40 should not take more than two years to reach the market, but the best thing of all is that this SUV will not come alone to the world. We already know that there will be a new generation S40 but also we might find a surprise in their dealers a S50.

apparently, the Swedish firm would have registered in the patent and trademark office of your country the commercial designation S50. Up there we can talk about real information and truthful, but also, from there, we can speculate with a world of fantasies. If we take the case of the rumors that are heard by the network, the Swedish firm might be preparing a coupe version of their upcoming saloon S40.

however, there is a little doubt. Until our days, Volvo has named their versions coupes by the letter “C” and this name starts with “S”. However, there might be an explanation for it and it is not other that instead of launching a body coupe three-door is zincor and style concept coupe, as it has done Audi with their A5 and A7 Sportback.

Will have to see if the rumors are true, but Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz is working very well. In addition to this type of cars tend to leave an income that is higher in terms of profitability, as it does not cease to be the same (structurally) than their younger brothers but they are sold out a 20 or 30 percent more expensive. The business round.

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