Volvo records the names C40 & C60 have a New offensive coupé?


Volvo records the names C40 and C60 in USA

The past day 5 of November, Volvo has registered in the united States a couple of names that correspond to new models – looking more sporty. Volvo C40 and Volvo C60 now appear in the Patent and Trademark office of the country, hinting that we could see vehicles with this name in the future.

The new Volvo C40, and C60 take features of the Concept Coupe

The expansion of the range Volvo did not just begin. It seems that the swedes are now beginning to lay foundations for a new offensive vehicles coupes more passionate. The denominations C40 and C60 refer to the coupe versions of the current V40 C-segment and S60/V60 segment D.

which means that we will see you back for a compact coupe the style of the defunct Volvo C30 and a coupe of three volumes derived from the sedan average. The appearance of the latter would have much of the spectacular Volvo Concept Coupe, becoming a rival luxury at the height of the BMW 4 Series, Mercedes C-Class Coupe or Audi A5 among others.


The range of coupes, Volvo will have to wait a little bit more

however, this action does not mean that we look to models in the near future. By the time the swedes will be focused on bringing their new image brand based on the Hammer of Thor to their ships badges, the SUV XC90 and the nearby saloon of representation S90, and models of larger volume. After that, it will be the time of launch, the body that correspond to a smaller niche market.

next releases of the manufacturer commit to the new Volvo S90, the replacement for the current S80, and the Volvo XC40, the version SUV/Crossover of the compact that we have already seen in our spy photos. There will be to arm ourselves with patience to wait for the arrival of the new range ‘C’.