Volvo S90 Excellence, high-end luxury exclusive to China

Volvo S90 Excellence para el mercado chinoVolvo has taken a major leap in terms of quality and luxury of their vehicles are referred to with the launch of the Volvo S90 and the family version V90. As you might well know, one of the markets where there is a high demand for luxury vehicles is China; and the Swedish company does not want to lose their opportunity to succeed in the asian country.

Now just to inform you that will move the production of the Volvo S90 China, from where it will export to a large number of markets around the world, including Europe and the united States. They say the high charges of Volvo that this movement will help to reach your target market of 800,000 cars each year in 2020.

taking Advantage of the boom of the luxury cars in the chinese market, the Swedish company has announced the launching to this market, the Volvo S90 and the Volvo S90 Excellence. The first is similar to the large sedan that it is marketed in Europe, while the second, the Volvo S90 Excellence, it is still more luxurious and comfortable for the occupant of the square right rear.

Volvo S90 Excellence para el mercado chinoThe S90 Excellence is similar to a S90 conventional long battle. In its interior, has increased the luxury to base to install a new console and a large screen infotainment in what would be the backrest of the front passenger seat, a space for storing shoes, footrests, adjustable tables, work, folding, compartment refrigerated vessels and panoramic sunroof, among others.

Mechanically the Volvo S90 Excellence is offered with the engine T8 plug-in hybrid, while the S90 “normal” will be available in its variant T8, but also with the motors T4 and T5 petrol; although their prices for the asian country have yet to be formalized.

Both the Volvo S90 as the S90 Excellence include assistance “semi-autonomous” driving up to 130 km/h, braking automatic detection of large animals, and climate control of four zones with the air quality system CleanZone and connectivity through Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.