Volvo S90: we found we test in Spain


Volvo prepare the landing of a big luxury sedan willing to give a check to the German entrenched and hard competition. A saloon under the title of Volvo S90 offer us those standards of quality and technology seen in the Volvo XC90 conveniently applied to said segment. We did not expect was to meet already in Spain this Volvo S90 .

The spotted unit still had plenty of camouflage, but their ways, one of its optical and XC90 near him away. It was plugged into an outlet, which makes us think of a T8 with plug-in hybrid engine.

Tapado, covered by a tarp, have found ourselves in Seville with a test drive Volvo S90 . Little glimpse unit is still hidden, to make matters worse had beyond the fabric cover with layers of camouflage , but this sighting serves as a perfect snack before its official launch, a presentation whose date is still a great unknown.

Many inherited ingredients Volvo XC90 ?

This Volvo S90 come developed on the modular platform SPA already used in the Volvo XC90 . They have not yet transcended official details about it but it is easy to imagine already a broad range of details inherited directly from the new high SUV Volvo. The mechanical, technology …

You can read more about the Volvo XC90 in the article “”.

Recently, Volvo S90 could be seen as a model …

This chance encounter with the new Volvo S90 also comes shortly after having met with a filtration as well model that allows us to see and to certain stylistic features of this future Volvo S90 , fitting perfectly the features that are sensed under the cloak covering him with the model you can see in the article “Prepare Germany! Volvo S90 is filtered, the Swedish premium weapon of mass destruction. “


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