Volvo shows us how we will be driving autonomously in the future


driving autonomous allows us to forget about traffic

CES 2016 (Consumer Electronics Show) is to be a showcase for automobile manufacturers to make a display of their claims technology for the future, as we are dealing with Volvo and its Monitoring & Concept Center, which aims to put the car in the service of its user with the use of multimedia content in streaming as a main asset.

“Imagine a highway full of vehicles driving autonomously with its occupants sitting back watching their favorite series in high-definition.” says Anders Tylman, general manager, Volvo Monitoring & Concept Center.

For that, also a Swedish company Ericsson will be your partner in this adventure with the goal of improving broadband coverage and connections in order to offer a service of quality and without interruption, in anticipation of the content to load before the arrival to an area outside the coverage of a large scope, for example, after a research that predicts video traffic 70% of the total mobile data in the coming years.


So imagine Volvo the dash of your car self

But not only of playback quality and without cuts intended to live this project, the most ambitious and innovative of this technological concept Volvo is in the optimization and personalization of content; that is to say, the car of the future calculates the length of our movie and will adapt the route and driving so that we can enjoy the full content without leaving half of it.

there is Still a long way to go in terms of the total autonomy of the vehicles, but it is clear that the intentions for/with users of the future spend by delivering an experience of “lounge on wheels”.