Volvo starts production of the new XC40 in Belgium

all roads have been consolidated in the market as the winner for brands and customers. Volvo was one of the firms pioneers in the SUV segment premium, because the the first generation of the XC90 remained for years in the production being a success of sales until his last days. With the arrival of the XC60 the Swedish firm is consolidated as the biggest selling segment in Europe and now comes the XC40 want to retake this position, but in other lower segment.

once officially presented the model and open the list of orders (with more than 13 billion in firm), Volvo has been willing to to start production on european soil. The plant chosen to carry out the assembly has been the one in the belgian city of Ghent; but before that, have had that make a strong investment to adapt it. The cause of these works is the new modular platform compact (CMA) that will give life to the compact models of the firm.

The enlargement of the plant has meant an increase of size in 8 thousand square meters that have gone to the body shop. In this surface have been installed 363 new robots that will be in charge of moving the body by the entire assembly line. One of them, “The Beast” (the only one in the manufacturing system of Volvo Cars in the world) is in charge of raising the lower part of the bodies to a conveyor belt situated almost in the roof of the plant.

To the inauguration of the production line and birth of the first Volvo XC40 attended by the belgian prime minister Charles Michel, Håkan Samuelsson, president and chief executive officer of Volvo Cars and Javier Varela, first vice-president, manufacturing and logistics for Volvo Cars. According To Samuelsson

“it is a day in which Ghent, the company, and all of our employees here may feel proud” “Our staff has dedicated long hours, many hours to prepare the factory to start the production of the XC40, and has done a great job. The XC40 represents a promising future for Ghent and Volvo Cars”.

From here congratulations to Volvo and wish you lots of luck with the sales of the new XC40.

Source – Volvo

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