Volvo Trucks and their videos viral, here are some of the best

volvo-trucksMany of the companies that we’re tired of seeing our web site, not only are dedicated to the manufacture of automobiles, a subject that unites us all, some are also known for dedicating themselves to the production of trucks, motorcycles, buses, and other means of transport that is occurring. Volvo, in addition to an extensive range of four-wheeled vehicles, is considered one of the most important companies in the market trucks, a division known as Volvo Trucks.

Although it does not have nor the most remote idea of the models that make up the range of trucks that sell the brand, I am sure that many have heard of them by the viral videos that your marketing team publishes prolifically. A few advertising campaigns that bring imagination and originality to the end. For if you do not know or you have missed any of them, here you have some of the best viral videos under the signature of Volvo Truck. I do enjoy it!


we Started strong, and for the first video that I have reserved, we have the stellar performance of Charlie, a Hamster very ready. Yes, you heard right, you can forget that trucker with the mark of the sun on the arm, for to handle the steering wheel of this construction truck for the dangerous quarry of The Three Brothers-in-law, in Orense, Volvo Trucks chose this Hamster sympathetic appearance. Yes, in the scenes he is accompanied Seon Rogers, an expert in these tasks.

Charlie was trained for several weeks to overcome this challenge after going through a long process of casting. The same was in charge of handling the steering wheel with the aid of Seon, in charge of controlling the pedals and the carrot that guided their movements. The video of Volvo Trucks titled “The Hamster Stunt” came has to demonstrate the ease with which it handles this model more than 15 tons of weight. The video posted at the end of 2013, and more than 6 million visits.


how Will you would cease a truck to a girl 4 years of age? A priori it would not take me dierais a response, it seems pretty logical. Well, Volvo Trucks has thought otherwise and has left in the hands of Sophie Brown, a girl of just 4 years, a Volvo FMX 8×6 of 18 tonnes and total traction. Posted a few days ago, the viral video that is part of the campaign “Look Who’s Driving” (Look who leads), is causing a sensation on the net these weeks.

For the occasion, Volvo Trucks prepared a circuit that has not lacked obstacles, and is that the goal was to demonstrate the good qualities of this truck. Sophie was in charge of handle by remote control the model, who could not contain the laughter when he saw as the truck is merendaba each obstacle without a sweat. A game that most of us would like to have participated, right? The video, with a few days on the network, is on its way to 10 million views.


The video that comes next, if it’s possible, is one of the best, or at least, the most sympathetic. It is a hidden camera that has as its protagonist a young valet, and coming from Volvo Trucks, you can imagine. The recording equipment he travelled to the Italian coasts, specifically the casino sanremo, one of the most luxurious places in the world. And is that you couldn’t choose a better backdrop to promote the new dual-clutch transmission “I-Shift Dual Clutch.

The night waned like so many other for the rookie valet Ambrogio Adani. First a McLaren, then Lamborghini… the normal “spend” the customers of this casino. Ambrogio was parked one after the other, until appears all of a Volvo FH that he was not without his trailer several axes. Attentive to the face of the young man who, of course, I knew absolutely nothing of the joke. The video was published in 2014 and is currently about to 3 and a half million visits.


The following video may be one of the most dangerous that Volvo Trucks has recorded with the permission of the latter that I have in store. The protagonist, this time, is a expert in balancing, the champion of the world Faith Dickey. And the mission… agarraos, is the of to move from one truck to another, a Volvo FH Series, through a rope. In the beginning may not sound so dangerous, but if I say that trucks travelling at 80 km/h, surely I will change the face. If there is one that is still in the same this will make you nervous, and is that trucks approaching a tunnel and if you do not pass in time, the expert tightrope walker will collide against the tunnel.

For recording Volvo Trucks also included Peter Pedrero, known in Hollywood for her work in films such as James Bond, Pirates of the Caribbean or Harry Potter. The scenes were filmed in Croatia, and published in 2012. Today the video exceeds 10 million visits, nothing wrong. Do not miss the outcome of the video that will ensures a good dose of adrenaline.


There has been none of those that appear in lines past that has left me indifferent. Now, if there are any with the that literally I’ve “broken laughter”, it is with this that stars Jean-Claude Van Damme and we have booked to close the article. Published in 2013, was part of an advertising campaign called “The Epic Split”, which featured several well-known faces on the planet. Although, without a doubt, this video that closed that series, it was the icing that was missing.

Van Damme, one of the icónos of the action movies of the 90’s, to their 53-year-old dared to shoot this scene that is not to catalogue dangerous, is that it puts it directly, “the creeps”. The video was recorded in a single take without having to make cuts, completing a few images really amazing in which looks at the actor uploaded two trucks in a position that is better to see it to believe. Currently exceeds the 80 million visits.

volvo-trucks-koenigsegg-one1-5The marketing team at Volvo Trucks has proven to be experts in viral videos, and is that have even faced one of his models with a Koenigsegg and, of course, have it recorded on video. We hope impatient the new genius of this team.