Volvo Trucks shows us video of a Volvo FH16 moving more than 750 tons of weight

volvo-fh16-827-toneladasThe department of advertising Volvo Trucks won’t run out of ideas. The Swedish brand truck knows well how to use advertising to draw attention, not only of your potential customers, but around the world. We have seen many viral videos from Volvo Trucks touting their trucks, a long list that now we have to add a new video.

On this occasion turn to speak of what is capable of doing the Volvo FH16 with gearbox dual-clutch i-Shift gear super short when it is subjected to the demands of more extreme load. They are nothing less than 750 tonnes which is able to move the tractor, that pulls 300 metres of trailers loaded with containers in two heights.

volvo-fh16-827-toneladas-2Magnus Samuelsson, the swede who holds the title of being the strongest man in the world and the journalist of trucks Brian Weatherley are the two protagonists of this video next to a Volvo FH16 completely of series. The 750 tons is too much for a test arrrastre by Samuelsson, that’s why on this occasion the athlete is the driver of the truck, who must make all the efforts. The Volvo FH16 is approved to carry up to 325 tons, so that in this test the requirements doubled, and far exceeded the load capacity of the truck.

The test was carried out in the port of Gothenburg, where 20 trailers loaded each with two containers were arranged in a row, with the Volvo FH16 with gearbox dual-clutch i-Shift gear super short to the head. This feat was a challenge for the truck and the mechanics, the technicians were aware that the fifth wheel coupling, the coupling of the trailers or the gearbox could fail a test so demanding. The capacity of traction of the wheels of the tractor unit was another of the questions, since that depended on a lot of the state of the asphalt, making it easier to dry.


The first test was failed by a lack of air pressure in the brake circuit, due to the huge of this. The lack of air in the circuit causes the wheel, for safety, to be locked. In the video is seen as being the trailers to be held back, the truck is up in the air, faced with the impossibility of moving forward. For the second attempt, with the brakes already operating, the snow was a problem.

But the third lucky. Despite the wet asphalt, in the third tempting the Volvo FH16 with 750 tons behind their backs is able to move forward and walk to 100 meters that separate him from the finish line.

Source – Volvo Trucks