Volvo V60 Cross Country: familiar, is camper is premium and can be yours for 26,930 euros

If you are looking for a car with familiar body, a camper approach and a touch premium Volvo has something to tell the Volvo V60 Cross Country the alternative derived from Volvo V60 offers us a number of specific details arranged for his new approach offroad. This option currently has a generous giveaway that makes starting from 26,930 euros .

The promotional price advertised is financing the purchase with the brand.

This, valid until end of month promotional price is for a Volvo V60 Cross Country equipped with D3 diesel mechanics of 150 horses Premium Edition offering under the [19459003tag] equipment in which no lack of dual zone climate control, rear parking sensor, cruise control, electric parking brake and power folding mirrors.

What is special about this release?

The main charm of this alternative to a Volvo V60 “normal” is the significant increase in height thanks to a new suspension. This suspension offers 65 mm taller and is also accompanied by new wheels 18 and 19 inches accompanied by higher profile tires, ready to favor off-road use.

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An alternative: the Subaru Outback

If you are considering a car of this type you can not lose sight of the Subaru Outback. For 29,900 euros you can get the diesel version with 150 horsepower … and has all-wheel drive!

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