Volvo V90 2016: elegance Swedish in familiar format, what if there was a Mercedes S-Class family?

Imagine that BMW creates a BMW 7-Series Touring, imagine that Mercedes gives life to a Mercedes S-Class Estate, why not? Luxury in the format of a family and not only for those who seek practicality additional cargo space, but also for those to which the design of the family models they like more. Well, luckily Volvo has dared, and after the Volvo S90 comes the variant family, the Volvo V90, a Volvo V90 that is presented as a display of technology and Swedish design.

All of the luxury and technology of the Volvo S90 now familiar format:

Thanks to the function Pilot Assist the Volvo V90 will be a way of driving autonomously in highway, capable of guiding the car only, following the road markings, up to 130 km/h.

built on the modular platform SPA, the platform used by the volvo XC90 and the Volvo S90, we find a family of large, elegant strokes and unquestioned Swedish origin, with the optical systems in the form of a hammer to the position of the front, with a large optical in L at the rear, a large nerve straight in the side…

As expected, the cabin drink directly to what is seen in the Volvo S90, which gives us a large touch-screen display with the system SENSUS as the protagonist of a design quite clean and above all very stylish, with wood, leather, metal surfaces, those beautiful wheels in the form of a cross, a simple steering wheel…

For now, Volvo has not revealed the specifications techniques of this model, nor the range of thrusters, nor the dimensions of this luxury family, even if mechanical is it is easy to think about a range partner to the sedan.

Volvo_V90_2016_DM_10Recall that the Volvo S90 has two thrusters diesel, D4 190 horses and the D5 235 horses while the range of gasoline has an T6 a 320 horsepower and a T8 Twin-engine that, through a system of plug-in hybrid, boasts of a power of 407 horses.

While we wait for more details of the engines that use the Volvo V90 do not miss the article “All the technical specifications and engines of the new Volvo S90”.

The Volvo V90 will debut publicly in the Geneva 2016, the 1 of march, then we can know more details, such as your marketing or figures as the cargo capacity of your trunk.


Gallery of images of Volvo V90 2016: