Volvo V90 Cross Country, filter the new crossover Swedish

Volvo V90 Cross CountryThe Volvo S90 and V90 were the subject of endless leaks prior to their respective presentations. Now it seems that these leaks begin with the next model, the Volvo V90 Cross Country. Since 1997, Volvo sold bodies raised their family models, reaping a remarkable success, to the point that sometimes the versions of crossover are more successful than normal.

The filtered image that appears to be the Volvo V90 Cross Country does not disclose major surprises. It was predictable that this new crossover would be a Volvo V90 with a suspension more high and a series of moldings, protective, plastic in the lower part of the bumper, the sideskirts and the passes of the wheel. What is not yet all clear is the name of the model. Before the crossover derived from the V70 was the XC70, something that is not now possible for the V90, as that XC90 corresponds to the denomination of the SUV. That is why the last Cross Country is the one that rings with more force, in addition to the currently in use by the rest of the crossovers from Volvo.

Volvo XC70

Volvo XC70

it Is expected that at the level of equipment the Volvo V90 Cross Country to offer you the same elements that the rest of the range V90, although it is likely that the range is not so wide, suppressing any of the finishes, more basic. The engines could also be common to the rest of the S90 and V90, even including versions of front-wheel-drive, as he has already had the last Volvo XC70.

Currently, Volvo sells the SUVS XC60 and XC90, as well as the family crossover V40 Cross Country and V60 Cross Country. Nor can we forget the Volvo S60 Cross Country, the single vehicle crossover of the time that is not reaping the commercial results expected by Volvo, at least in Europe.

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