Volvo values the development of its own TCR for 2018


Volvo and Polestar believed strongly by the TC1, to the point of abandoning the STCC to focus all their efforts on the development of the Volvo S60 TC1. Having regard to the results together at the end, with the titles of pilots and markings of the WTCC in the pocket, you can’t say that was bad bet, but yes, it has had a journey very short. Now, the WTCC has been a victim of their own mistakes and in its place is born a World Cup of Cars under the name WTCR, or what is the same, intended for vehicles TCR. Those same vehicles for which Volvo was not interested when they landed in the STCC.

however, and having regard to the new horizon competitive, Volvo would already be working on the creation and development of your own vehicle TCR, a model that might even be ready before the end of the season 2018. However, the development of a car TCR allows Volvo the stroke of a pen continue with your program at the global level in the WTCR and step back to STCC, something as well as his championship of home. Although up to now the priority has been the evolution of the Volvo S60 TC1 to conquer by the titles of the WTCC, now all the attention should be focused on this model, TCR.

In this aspect, and although the entries of factory equipment are not permitted in the WTCR, there is nothing that prevents that Volvo is able to compete under the flag of Cyan Racing, since the team of Christian Dahl meets all the requirements to compete independently, not being part of the Volvo or Polestar. Although the brand will not be announced until the first quarter of 2018 what are your plans, everything makes indicate that for then Thed Björk and Yvan Muller will already have taken command in the program of development of TCR Volvo, a model that would not make it to the competition until the end of 2018, as soon.