Volvo will begin to build and sell cars using holograms, thanks to Microsoft HoloLens

In budding a new revolution, to the design of cars, for their production, and even to transform, completely, the relationship with the customers. The augmented reality and holograms can provide, and a lot of, the job of the manufacturers. Maybe that’s why Volvo has been quick to close a deal with Microsoft to take advantage of their technology in different fields, with a level of sophistication that until recently we would have considered science fiction. The opportunity has served, incidentally, to file virtually the new Volvo S90, using the latest technology from the Redmond, Microsoft HoloLens (a kind of glasses that project “holograms” in the environment).

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And why Microsoft HoloLens? To use this technology, the user simply has to place on his head a few glasses, that are in charge of projecting images into the environment, whether we are in a factory, a dealer, a design studio, or even our house. See background on Microsoft HoloLens in Tecmovia.

One of the key points most important of this technology, which Volvo is already developing with Microsoft, would be in the dealers. Customers could see a very realistic recreation of the car that you want to configure, including details that for obvious issues may not be displayed on a display with a limited number of cars, such as colors, designs, rims, finishes, etc.


Microsoft HoloLens will also help Volvo to bring technology to their new models to the customers, show in an intuitive way technologies are relatively complex, as a differential, or the distribution of energy in a plug-in hybrid.

boasting of its good reputation in the field, Volvo also imagine how this technology could help improve safety on the road, for example, collecting information from drivers and their habits.


last, but not least, Volvo hopes that the use of the Microsoft HoloLens to facilitate the work of its engineers and designers to create cars. And not only that, the technology to streamline the work of their operatives in the factories of the brand.

Volvo is not the only brand that he has already presented his plans to leverage, to the maximum, augmented reality, and holograms. Recently other brands, such as Audi and Mercedes-Benz, we also have presented their respective ideas.

Source: Volvo | Microsoft
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