Volvo will include Skype on some of their models

Volvo Skype

connectivity it is an aspect that is increasingly present in cars, and advances by leaps and bounds. For those who find it impossible to be separated from the work, Volvo has announced that it will include in some of their vehicles Skype for Business. The popular tool for video conferencing of Microsoft will be available for the first time in the Series 90 of the Swedish brand: the Volvo XC90, S90 and V90.

The purpose of this incorporation is to provide the user with a new possibility of communication while you are behind the wheel. With Skype for Business will be able to view the upcoming meetings and their details, in addition to being able to join them just a touch the touch screen display. One of the priorities was to prevent the driver’s attention away from the road, from there comes its ease of use, and that no option to video conferencing.

Is a logical decision, since the incorporation of the video distract in excess the driver and in addition would require the installation of a camera. Even so, the Swedish brand suggests that with the arrival of the autonomous car will add more tools productivity. Skype for Business in the three models will come accompanied by Cortana, the personal assistant of Microsoft which includes a voice recognition system.

The intention of Volvo is to continue advancing in terms of connectivity and make life easier for the user. The work is increasingly performed in a more mobile and I’m sure that in the coming years we will continue to see more developments in this area. At Volvo stand out that have been working “from the mobile phones integrated of the years 80 and early 90 until our Bluetooth hands-free system”.

Source – Volvo

Volvo XC90

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