Volvo will say goodbye to diesel: It will stop your development

Volvo confirmed that there will be a new generation of diesel engines. In its place will focus on plug-in hybrids and models 100% electric.

Cike any other manufacturer who markets its products in the european market, large part of the sales of Volvo correspond to their models equipped with diesel engines. The standards with respect to the issuers are becoming more stringent and will be even more in the future, something that seems to be pushing some manufacturers to find alternatives to their diesel models.

Volvo has already taken the decision to stop the development of diesel engines, is to say that the current generation of boosters will be the last to be manufactured. Of course, behind this decision is the economic factor, since the development to achieve compliance with regulations, anti-pollution that will come after Euro 6C would be very costly and the Swedish firm prefers to be plug-in hybrids. The average limit of carbon dioxide emissions in Europe will be reduced from the current 130 g/km to just 95 g/km in 2021.

however Volvo will continue to develop the current generation of diesel engines, to meet the future emission standards, even though this evolution will probably stop around the year 2023. But the tightening of the rules will result in prices to rise in cars equipped with diesel engines, to the point that plug-in hybrids will be more affordable and will become a valid alternative to replace them.

The brand will also for cars 100% power; its first model will arrive in 2019. However more than 50% of the enrolments for european Volvo correspond to diesel engines, and 90% of the models more large as the XC90’s are diesel.