Volvo XC40, the “anti” BMW X1 in Swedish: what is your next best-selling Volvo?

Volvo is facing a major renovation started with the Volvo XC90 and followed by Volvo S90 that will reach to the first rungs of the brand, a new generation of Volvo V40, a Volvo S40 and a Volvo XC40 in which the brand, with a lot of logic, you would have great hopes for commercial applications.

, Volvo XC40 will face the Mercedes GLA and BMW X1

Ready to face the Mercedes GLA, BMW X1, this Volvo XC40, whose coming we should expect from 2017, has been confirmed by Hakan Samuelsson, the head of Volvo, noting that this model is “on top” of your list given the trend of the market.

Samuelsson has also confirmed in a conversation with Coach the importance of this family, “40”, speaking of a larger view, which leads us to think that, in addition to the Volvo V40 and the above SUV, there would be an alternative of 3 doors with Volvo C40 and a sedan, the Volvo S40.

, Volvo XC40 will be developed on the new platform compact of the brand, the platform CMA. In the fabric mechanic who was to accompany this platform no shortage of alternative hybrid.

the family Currently “40” is formed by a Volvo V40 that stands up to the Mercedes Class A and the company with a starting price of 19.650 euros as well as a Volvo V40 Cross Country, sobrelevado and vocation offroad, that makes it’s own from 22.050 € .