VUHL 05RR: shakes Caterham, in Mexico are cooking up a lightweight animal-circuit

some years Ago VUHL, the mexican firm, presented us with a radical alternative to those who are thinking of buying a Caterham, a KTM X-Bow… one of these mounts light, radicals, and the concessions are fair. He was baptized as VUHL 05, debuted to the public at the Festival of Speed Goodwood 2013 and ended up coming to Europe, now the firm promises a new version is even more radical: the VUHL 05RR.

VUHL will resort to the Festival of Speed Goodwood as a stage to put before the public to his new mount, a mount that by now you have not given us any major details, but a series of images in which we can find suggestive proposals.

These spectacular pedals, stripped chassis, wheels, carbon fiber…

The firm promises us a set lighter for this VUHL 05RR, faster, with better aerodynamics… and yes, it will be suitable for use on the public highway.

vuhl_05rr_adelanto_DM_1vuhl_05rr_adelanto_DM_3Recall that the VUHL 05 has the same engine of 2 liters the Ford Focus ST, with a power of 285 horses for a set of 725 kg.