Waldow transforms your Renault Clio RS Trophy in the terror of trackdays

Are you a quemadillo? do You like to “tighten” the car on your highway curves or favorite circuit? You’re not alone, and Autohaus Waldow know that you can help to increase your effectiveness. By itself, this beast of Renault, the Renault Clio RS Trophy is much more capable than the Clio RS standard on which it is based – in addition to more powerful, with 220 HP vs. 200 HP of the Renault Clio RS. But what is this Renault Clio on steroids, enough to become a machine of trackday truly hardcore?

Its gearbox EDC dual clutch is already very fast, but their software has been retouched in search of a performance even higher.

To begin with, the soul of the engine has been modified extensively. In the first place, has received a new intercooler, air-to-water of greater dimensions, with greater surface area exposed, and better capacity of heat exchange. Has a new-line escape NAP, which includes the installation of catalytic converters sports. The turbo – as new with respect to Clio RS – it has also been improved. We do not have a data end of power for this 1.6 litre modified, but its power possibly exceeds 250 CV.

renault-clio-rs-trophy-waldow-16In regards to the inside of the car, Waldow has installed a roll cage for greater rigidity and protection in the event of roll-over – insurance to take into account if we are regulars at the trackday. Keep in mind that the roll cage red deletes the rear seats, with the positive effect of saving considerable weight. They have also installed a few bacquéts Recaro with seat belts to four points, have been upholstered in Alcantara steering wheel and installed two drawers for helmets in the trunk.

At the level of the running gear is where you will find the improvements more robust. For a start, have installed a adjustable suspension KW Clubsport – both compression and rebound. New wheels Sparco lightweight alloy have been installed instead of the tires of series, shod with semi slick Dunlop Direzza measures 215/45 ZR17. The braking equipment is also new invoice, created with the aim to withstand intense punishment in long sessions of circuit – Nürburgring comes to my head instantly.

renault-clio-rs-trophy-waldow-4Is signed by Brembo, and it has patch cords and metallic brake pads competition. On the train front, the brake calipers have four pistons. As such, a processing key-in-hand, for very quemadillos. Taking into account that the Renault Clio RS Trophy series has been marked on the Nürburgring with a time of 8 minutes and 23 seconds, does not surprise me that on a good day, the Clio Trophy Waldow mark a period of time less than 8 minutes.

In this video we demonstrate the sound of your exhaust.

Source: Carscoops
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