Want a Land Rover Defender circuits? The answer is the JE Zulu2 Super Defender

If you have a Land Rover Defender I guess the last thing you think about is him into a circuit. It seems that the English of JE Engineering were the only ones to create a solution for a problem that did not exist. ? We have created the need to put a Defender circuit So it seems, since his spectacular Zulu 2 Super Defender – based on the ancient terrain – is sold as one of the Defender more dynamic and capable ever created. Know this creation, whose name is inspired by the South African tradition.

Its builders warn their owners who also is an unstable car.

The engine is the main protagonist of the party. This is the 5.0 V8 supercharged Jaguar and Land Rover, the same as for example mounts the Jaguar F-Type. This engine develops 475 horsepower and this should enable a serious off-road performance, as a 0-100 km / h in about five seconds. Power goes to the ground through all four wheels, keeping the AWD system Defender.

However, the power channeled through an automatic gearbox six relations. Braking power comes courtesy of AP Racing high performance suspension courtesy of Fox Racing , which also supplies the roll bars and new stabilizing. With them, this Super Defender is capable of tackling paved circuits, but JE Engineering urges us to be careful: it is an inherently unstable car


is a very uncommon for a car and weighed, and it is also possible thanks to Toyo Proxes tires high performance in measures 285/60 R18 . Asphalt tires mounted on steel wheels created by JE Engineering. Inside the car everything is luxury. New seats and new upholstery inside the car turn in a nice location away from the Spartan series car practicality.

In addition, we added all modern comodidads, a sport steering wheel and a commemorative plaque; it is limited to only 25 units car. It costs no less than 125 thousand pounds sterling , but the price can be much higher based options, extras and custom parts that you can order.

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Source: TruckTrend
In motor: Spectacular! This Land Rover Defender pickup is the work of Kahn Design

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