Want to be a pilot of Yamaha Motor Racing?

Want to know what you feel experienced pilots to undertake new and feared competition, which will be a victory or defeat throughout his career ?, If you want to know what lives on Movistar suggest you to travel on the back of a juicy Yamaha YZR M1 , you want to see the exciting video?

movistar motogp

All the excitement, tension, nervousness, fear and anticipation to know if we will be the next winners of the race we are in the process of contesting are some factors that make up the entire universe as racing driver . You who have witnessed over the small screen of achievement made by your idols engine from the living room in the home or bar, the truth is that at this time you will be the next stars of all these great events motorcycle and will be able to experience firsthand.

Movistar gives you the opportunity to become a professional pilot , or at least experience firsthand the incredible experience of riding on the back of a juicy Yamaha YZR M1 will be your faithful horse racing and traveling companion. Once you have the green light to know how it feels to be a pilot Yamaha Motor Racing, you only need to enter your e-mail and they will tell you all the steps.

want experiemntar how it feels to ride a Yamaha YZR M1 and one of the members Movistar Yamaha Moto GP , so do not hesitate and follows path Movistar has made this new initiative juicy ?, Would you like to live in first person the same feelings felt by winners Valentino Rossi and the other Spanish world champion Jorge Lorenzo?

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