Want to be The Wolf of Wall Street? Start buying this tuition by $ 12,000

After Leonardo Di Caprio bring us a little closer to the madness of Wall Street and the life of excess and waste of Jordan Belfort, I am convinced that the number of applicants soared to “Wolf of Wall Street”, to capitalism do its flag and market manipulation strategy to accumulate a huge amount of money. Maybe that’s why own this Mercedes Class S 430 thought 2002 would be a good time to sell eBay his luxury sedan and enrollment “WALL ST” the State of New York . $ 12,000, about 10,851 euros at the current exchange rate, enough to make the combo, car and tuition, but it seems that no bids and the auction was not too successful. [1.99901 million]

The price is not unreasonable, if we consider that we have been paying hundreds of thousands, and even millions of euros, other custom license plates.

Apparently own this car registration acquired “WALL ST” in 1975 when the state of New York introduced the ability to customize enrollment ( CNN Money) . To keep it, the new owner should not only acquire the car, but also keep registered in the state of New York. At that time, it was broker in Wall Street firm. And still I did not have this Mercedes-Benz, he used his enrollment in 1976. Chrysler Cordoba [1.99901 million]

The truth is that did not feel at all unreasonable prices , especially considering that the price included not only tuition, but also an ancient luxury sedan with 143,000 kilometers and V8, whereby insurance can still get money in the spot market. And not like a crazy price if we consider that in recent years we have seen some paid hundreds of thousands of euros for tuition as “25 O” or “MC14 REN “, or € 330,000 for “KRI5 HNA “and up to $ 14.5 million for tuition” 1 “in Abu Dhabi. [1.99901 million]

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