Want to feel like a dictator in the Middle East? Mansory is your perfect companion in the form of Class G

Do you thirst for power? Like enslave civilians? Are you a warlord? We have the right car for you. A Class Mercedes G – why not – with a preparation of Mansory nomitaded Sahara Edition G-Class . Yes, a Mercedes G 63 AMG whose design was inspired by the Sahara desert and some sort of armed conflict in the 70s, it features an camouflage paint as kitsch . Excessive at all levels, live at the Geneva Motor Show is an even more bizarre car. Want to know more about it? Spoilers: The AK-47 rifles Kalshnikov golden royal tiger or non-standard, buy a thing of the customer


Desert Storm

However, the Mercedes G 65 AMG is the most exclusive model, footwear with 6.0 V12 Biturbo with 612 hp … standard.

I am not referring to the invasion of Iraq in 1991 by the United States, we still speak of Class G. Its aesthetic kit continues to set just one area of ​​the exterior, incorporating a head stuffed full of inlets, with one center tap on the hood almost makes us think of a dragster. Mansory logo replaces the star of Mercedes-Benz, while everything is illuminated with high intensity spotlights located on the roof. You know, to illuminate social evenings in the desert with friends sheikhs. A crown behind spoiler but barely managed to see given the height of the car, more than two meters.

wheels up to 23 inches adorn an outer aesthetic set that does not go unnoticed, I think among other details for its camouflage paint. Inside the car, the taste of the Middle East still present, with an upholstered in Alcantara in light tones of the seats, trim, steering wheel and really any surface that was possible upholstery. White merges with a very light green, present in the instrumentation on the center console or steering wheel, also with details of camouflage. Given that anyone with a car so cleaning will instruct a third party, we should not worry about the fact that they are dirty colors.

Mansory usually not characterized by performing discrete or minor preparations. Do not walk around with jokes …

The real party is a mechanical level. The Mercedes G 63 AMG is already a sufficiently radical car in its standard version with 544 hp mounted on a platform created in the late 70s of last century for military use. Mansory has decided that its power was scarce, so have added something less than 300 additional hp. The increase in power reaches 828 hp , with which this SUV should be able to rival a Mig-29 in acceleration, at least for a few hundred meters. The torque of 5.5 V8 Biturbo stays in a modest 1,000 Nm, necessary to safeguard the physical integrity of the gearbox of the car.


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