Wanted! Why all scoff at this disastrous UK driver?

Daily Mail, yes, the British tabloid, considers it worst driver parked across Britain . It happened in Scotland, and to our delight and relief of the car owner against which collided, which at least will try to find the person responsible, a camera recorded his incomprehensible maneuver. It seeks the driver of the Fiat yellow Seicento, to take responsibility for the damage caused and confronts the scorn it deserves for its maneuver and, above all, for having fled the scene .

In UK and is considered as one of the worst drivers in the country.

The owner of a black Ford Fiesta has met with an unpleasant surprise when collecting your car, someone had hit him, the damage was significant, and there was no note on the windshield. It was then that he realized that his friend, who lived in the building right beside which was parked, had a security camera facing the road. The surprise had to be capitalized when they reviewed the recording and watched the inexplicable maneuver this Seicento .

The moment the driver already faces in a space where I could not just park the Seicento, but also a Rolls-Royce their parking in front, and gives the impression that it is not very skilled at the wheel. The situation worsens when, after several unsuccessful attempts, he is unable to bring the car to the curb. What is a hard time understanding what happened to come out fired back against the Ford Fiesta parked next to him and the facade of the adjacent building. Probably he geared reverse and let out the clutch at once, in a difficult maneuver to understand and fortunately not resulted in major damage, because the video is perfectly shows how walking people in the area, including a lady with a baby arms and a dog.

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